To Blog or Not to Blog...

A new word has crept into the American business lexicon, inherently intimidating by the very fact that it sounds so friendly – blog.

Here’s the good news. If you’re reading this, you’ve at least a basic understanding of blogging.

Blogs are an affordable and easy way to spread news and information across the internet. Among the technologically savvy (or those aspiring to be savvy), blogs have easily become as popular as the morning paper. You’ll see high-tech geeks as well as small business owners mousing over a blog with their morning coffee instead of perusing the business section.

With blogs’ ease-of-use and setup we are seeing a new information wave distributed as easily as point and click. Blogs have even been deemed instant, universal publishing.

So, why blog? Well, if you’re the sort that loves sharing information with others, (whatever your idea of information may be) you will love blogging. In their infancy, blogs tended to be personal journals - discussions of life’s deeper questions (like the general consensus on whether Brittany will have another break down), but now we see as many business blogs as personal ones. Their white-collar authors share industry information, stock reports, how-tos, and other information that can help outsiders and insiders understand business operations better.

Blogs also place you in the driver’s seat of distributing content for the web – and content is the key these days. It positions you as an expert in your field, allows potential customers the opportunity to learn more about you, and helps proliferate your name on search engines around the globe.

Trust me on this – if you have something to say – there is someone out there who wants to hear it.

So basically, the real question isn’t why should you blog, but why haven’t you yet?

Michael Russo, Creative Director
The Russo Group