RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Web 2.0 – The Future of the World Wide Circus

Web 2.0 – The Future of the World Wide Circus

If Web 1.0 (weren’t aware such a thing existed? you’re in good company) brought the internet to the people, than Web 2.0 (still more an industry buzz word than anything else) will bring the internet to your computer.

Consider all the “Do It Yourself” tax return services this year. You can buy the software and install it on your desktop (1.0), or you can visit the company website, file your taxes, and store all your information for next season right there (2.0).

Basically, Web 2.0 will take us away from installing software on our desktops and lead us toward paying subscriptions to use centralized software available through company websites.

• Forget updating – it’s all done for you
• No more floppy discs or CDs – everything available online
• Information storage – company holds onto your data for you
• Faster – no more clunky code
• More reliable – quality maintained by company
• Fewer hassles – again, quality maintained

• Security – although protecting your information is top priority, there’s always a chance a cyber pirate will get to your information
• Sharing – eliminates the ability to share software with a friend (shame on you anyway)
• No more floppy discs – I was always rather attached to the floppy disc. It’s the only way I can say “floppy” in a business meeting and not get fired for it.

Techies who develop software are all over 2.0 because it cleans up the programming code and allows us to concentrate on core updates. It’s also much faster for our end user. Another advantage – we can get up close and personal with cyber pirates.

But you should know, the very premise of Web 2.0 is rooted in controversy. Maybe that’s because as simple as I’ve made it sound, it’s still more theory than anything else. And in the World Wide Circus, theory always makes the elephants nervous. As speed limit signs on the information superhighway become more and more “suggestions” than anything else, I guess we’re all left wondering what happens when the road ends.

John Rockweiler, Interactive Director, intrepid and amazing
The Russo Group

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