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Radio Renaissance

If you’d asked me about radio advertising a few years ago my response would have been, well, it’s less than stellar. After all, radio isn’t nearly as sexy as television and print, right?

But over the years my views of radio have changed considerably, both strategically and creatively. Radio is so often abused and misused, it’s no wonder it has gained such a horrid reputation in the advertising world. Sure, you’ll get plenty of station reps telling you it’s the best thing on the planet, but few agencies regard it as an optimum creative choice.

Chances are if you turn your radio on right now, you’ll probably hear some wacko screaming at you about the big sale on Monday. Or better yet, you’ll find someone who read a book on how to advertise on a budget, who will repeat his company name and phone number at least 5 times within a 60 second spot. Soon you’ll either be tuning him out, flipping the station, or kicking on the ipod.

The thing is, people still love the radio, no matter how bad the advertising is between songs. It’s basically environmental noise to them. It’s soothing in an odd way. The problem – it’s not advertising.

In order to break free from the clutter, you have to dig deep. You have to capture your audience’s attention, and yes, you have to make them interested in what you have to say.

Humor – maybe. Drama – perhaps. Tell their story – always.

Now this part may hurt a bit so prepare yourself – If you are not a trained professional then perhaps it’s time you find someone who is. Yes, I know it’s harsh, but if I don’t tell you, who will? There are people out there who can help. Just pick up the phone and make the call.

Talented copywriters will be standing by.

Michael Russo
Creative Director
The Russo Group

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Brent Walker said...

Hi Michael,

I was browsing your blog when my favorite word "radio" jumped out at me. You're absolutely right. Most of what runs between the songs is garbage...but it's only that way because of a dearth of structure.

I have a gift for everyone who strives to do better radio. Go to http://www.soundscapes.com/soundpapers.asp and click on the 5 tenets of great radio.

Let me know what you think.

Brent Walker

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