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Your Friendly Neighborhood Branding and Integrated Marketing Agency

Growing up, my favorite superhero was Spiderman, hands down. I’d particularly love it when he’d bag a group of robbers and web them up for the police to find later. He’d leave a simple note – “Compliments – Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman.”

No matter where he was – fighting the forces of evil in New York City, Los Angeles or some planet in a different solar system – he was always from your neighborhood, the guy next door. There’s a lot of appeal to this. You want to imagine that the person who’s going to save you, who’s going to protect you at all hours of the day or night, is somewhere close by.

Well, times have changed. We have a different kind of web these days that we like to call, the internet. The internet brings us all closer together and makes it possible for people thousands of miles away from each other to have a close and prosperous business relationship. It’s no different with an advertising agency.

Believe me, I know there are benefits to doing business with the shop down the street. But these days, every shop is “down the street.” Between email, IM, video conferencing, streaming audio and a host of other methods, you can and should expect the same kind of service from any advertising agency you partner up with. Because whether it’s defending your brand against a horde of mutant copycats or guaranteeing safe passage of your newest message right into the hands of willing consumers, what matters is the agency powering those solutions. In many cases, an out of market agency can also bring fresh ideas and approaches that can actually change the conversation and get you the results you are looking for.

Our agency? Well, like Spidey, We’re always on duty, ready to fight the good fight wherever it may be.

Compliments – Your Friendly Neighborhood Branding and Integrated Marketing Agency – The Russo Group.

Michael Russo
Creative Director

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