Theme Song

Have you ever thought of what your theme song would be? You know, your own personal soundtrack as you moved through life. Perhaps in sad times it would be something dark and reflective, or for more joyous occasions, something edgier and uplifting.

Now, think about how awesome it would be to have the power to simply flip the channel at any given moment, effectively changing your mood as easily as changing a song on your iPod. The truth is, music possesses the power to do just that. It can affect how we feel and act by connecting with us on an emotional level – in many ways, just like a strong brand. I know, it sound like a stretch, but let me explain.

Our ability to connect with emotions, whether it be through a song or brand, represents our desire for things that make us feel good about ourselves, our decisions and our lives. It also motivates us to act in a certain manor. Think of George Gershwin, Jimmy Hendrix, or Bach. Each possesses a unique sound that is theirs alone – with each provoking an emotional reaction from within. Whether you are fan or not, simply hearing their music will intuitively cause an emotional response.

Now think of Coke, Nike and Apple. What mental real estate do they own within your thoughts? Chances are they are firmly established in your emotional database.

So, do you remember where you were when the music died? Will your customers remember where they were the first time they realized your brand was a recognizable, unforgettable part of their life? If not, perhaps it’s time to give some thought to what your theme song might be. And to be clear, by theme song, we are not referring to a jingle, but rather, the essence of your brand.

Stacey Boudreaux Grow
Account Executive
The Russo Group

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