RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Vote Early, Vote Often

Vote Early, Vote Often

Fuel Lines, a leading resource for advertising agencies across the country, holds a monthly poll to determine the best ad agency blog. With almost 62,000 advertising agencies in America, we are honored to announce that Razor Branding Blog has been nominated as a Blog of the Month for July.

As a fifth time nominee, we are in it to win it, and starting to feel like we are always a bridesmaid and never the bride.

If you have been a faithful reader, and enjoy Razor Branding Blog, please vote for us now by clicking here.

If you are new to Razor Branding Blog, please review our previous blog posts, links are on the right side of the page, and then click here to vote.

As they say in politics, please vote early and vote often.

We appreciate your support.We are very honored that Razor Branding Blog was nominated as a blog of the month by Fuel Lines.

Please click here to vote for Razor Branding.

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner/Brand Strategist

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