RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Top 10 Pick Up Lines of a Media Sales Rep

Top 10 Pick Up Lines of a Media Sales Rep

We all hate empty promises sugarcoated by pseudo-sincere one-liners. Unfortunately, in the world of media, you get bombarded with them daily.

Maybe you’ve met a media sales rep specially-trained in how best to woo a new interest. The problem – most say all the wrong things and never make good on their promises.

Avoid the unwanted courtship altogether by hiring a Media Buyer to do it for you. A Media Buyer bargains with station reps on your behalf. She, or he also vows never to say the following:

1. Like Neilson, your ratings are through the roof!
2. Fax me over that contract, and, baby, I’m all yours.
3. If you were words on a page – you’d be FINE PRINT.
4. Is that a bulls-eye you’ve got on? Because you’re just the target I’m looking for.
5. When you’re ready, I have endless avails.
6. My reach is like Visa. It’s everywhere you want to be.
7. Unlike film, I’m all about overexposure.
8. Quarter page? Baby, you deserve full coverage!
9. Black and white is boring. You’d look hot in color.
10. I may not be in the NFL, but my blitzes are All-Star!

Katherine Linyard, Media Buyer
The Russo Group

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