RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: So You’re Saying I’m a Logo?

So You’re Saying I’m a Logo?

You’ve burrowed into your favorite spot at the local coffee shop. You’re alone but not particularly interested in company, so you pick up a nearby paper and begin to browse. You spend a few minutes skimming an article, but eventually, you’re drawn to an ad.

The subject of intense debate among industry geniuses - just what about that ad lures you? The clever headline. The image, edgy and smart. Informative body copy. Or perhaps a familiar logo.

Hate to break it to faithfuls of any one camp, but I’ve found the draw has a lot more to do with the individual than the ad. In fact, I’m considering launching a new division in our agency – Ad Reading. We’ll determine your personality type based solely on your ad preferences.

Headlines – You’re the take charge types. You don’t waste time on details because you’ve got vision. You’re natural leaders, more than a little ambitious, and attracted to positions of management and business development. You’re absolutely essential in every organization, the key player. Without you, nothing would get done. You’re also a little bossy. No offense.

Illustrations – You’re what’s known as “a personality,” “colorful,” and “charismatic.” You’re a lot of fun at a party and a valuable asset at business meetings. Everyone else is off the hook because you provide good conversation, lots of laughs, and small talk that somehow manages to feel natural. People tend to like you immediately, and you’re able to put a face on the headliners’ vision. The only drawback, you struggle when someone else wants a share of your spotlight.

Body Copy – More the academic type, you’re thorough and good with details. You develop a plan to implement the vision, and you make sure everyone follows procedure. Although you’re well spoken, you don’t seek the spotlight, so you can be a bit reserved, a bit quiet at times. But because you care about being understood, when you are moved to speak, you can go on, and on, and on.

Logos – You’re a person people trust, someone others come to when they have a problem. That’s because you’re a good listener and incredibly loyal. You make sure everyone is taken care of, and you’re great behind the scenes. Although you have opinions, you don’t share them casually. In fact, you often let others take credit for things you’ve done, and when you become frustrated, you often refuse to do anything to rectify it. You’re what we call harborer.

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Jaci Russo – Sr. Partner
The Russo Group

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