RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Basement Rates for Big Time Advertising

Basement Rates for Big Time Advertising

When it comes to advertising, the right marketing strategy often gets the best results. But let’s face it, cost matters too. The client wants the best value for the cheapest price.

Solution? The Media Buyer.

Media Buyer n : all-knowing print, radio, television, and outdoor guru oddly exhilarated by tracking the latest trends in web, bus stop, and bathroom stall advertising; often seen “out” sporting a calculator in front left pocket

A media buyer, scorned socially perhaps, is nevertheless your very best resource when you want to save on advertising.

Why? Relationships. The media buyer has an in with local media sales reps. Let me anticipate your next thought: “Okay – so I start buying lunch for the all the nice folks living under satellite towers.” If only all it took was a nice prime rib.

Unfortunately, the world of sales has a high turnover rate. And so as quickly as you’ve established a relationship – it’s over. It’s a lot like 6th grade dating relationships, where you pass notes in the hall and hold hands on the bus ride home. No, as grown ups it's more like a serious game of speed dating.

It’s a media buyer’s job to stay ahead of the game and know not only the new names and faces, but the ins and outs of the business as well. For instance, if a media buyer has been able to purchase a ½ page ad in the Sunday newspaper at one price for client A, you better believe they’re going to insist on the same price for client B.

And so although they can’t teleport or penetrate cement walls with their x-ray vision, a Media Buyer’s negotiating power is borderline superhuman. Not only will they commandeer a better price, they also know the capabilities of specific mediums. They’re the experts when it comes to knowing what YOU need to succeed.

Jaime Smith
Media Specialist
The Russo Group

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