Fatal Flaws

Let's just cut to the chase.

You're successful and you probably got there via one of two routes. You either started at the bottom of the corporate ladder (or pretty damn near) and through shear determination, skill, street smarts, a Brooks Brothers suit and maybe just a little bit of manipulation became Mr. Golden Boy /slash/ Company Man.


You parleyed a little capital, fired up the start-‘em-up machine with that "Big Idea" tucked neatly into your Dockers back pocket and beaucoup hours of sweat equity later--you're sitting pretty with a sweet IPO just right around the corner.

Fashion sensibilities or business attire aside, here's where we check the egos at the door. Your door, my door, it doesn't matter. What really matters is that we mutually respect each other. Yes, I know, that sounds all warm and fuzzy, touchy-feely, and so not "corporate."

But here's why:

You know how you made it to the top of the pyramid, and I'm sure that during our discovery meeting I'll hear all about it from one of your many underlings. And if you choose to listen, you'll hear fantastic tales of advertising daring-do from my side of the table.

We both got to our stations in life because we are both undeniably experts in our fields of discipline. Feel free to read that sentence again.

It’s my job, no, it is my passion to learn and comprehend everything there is to know about your company, your product or your service. That's how I discover the point of difference that can distance your cog over the other guy's sprocket. That's why, or more aptly, how, your coordinated mass media campaign will show a tidy little return on your investment.

It won't be because (FATAL FLAW ALERT) you insist that our team of experts take a certain approach because that's what worked for you or your product before. Or... (FATAL FLAW ALERT) your marketing director thinks that because your competitor is taking a certain tact or direction that we must follow suit because if it works for them, then consequently, it must work for us. Or... (FATAL FLAW ALERT) someone on your board of directors read on the Internet that print is dead. Hey, if you read it on the Internet then it must be true.

Get the idea?

Good. Because I could go on and on.

Seriously I could. The advertising graveyard is totally over-populated with the zombies of flawed decision making and micro-management.

Moral of the story--let the plumbers plumb, the bricklayers lay and the doctors doc.

You hired a trained professional--let the professional do his job.

Gary LoBue Jr / Art Director / The Russo Group

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