RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Can Design Save The Newspaper?

Can Design Save The Newspaper?

As we watch daily newspapers go out of business in major markets, there is an incredible shift occuring in our industry.  I was floored when I read 

In March, I wrote about print, specifically the daily paper, being a Dying Industry.  In that post, I wrote,

I was surprised and disappointed to read an article by Mike Hughes, President of The Martin Agency, "Do Some Good: Create Newspaper Ads" begging advertising agencies to spend money on newspaper ads.  Seriously?  I appreciate that his agency serves as the Agency of Record for the Newspaper Association of America.  I realize that he is serving his client by spreading the gospel of newspaper.  But seriously.
To spend money in newspapers today, as they are losing subscribers and readers by the day is a mistake.  This has been a very hard concept for a number of designers who love the elegance of a well crafted print ad as well as to a number of readers who can't imagine not having the experience of starting the day with a cup of coffee and the morning newspaper.

We were beginning to think that all was lost until this video popped up.  Maybe there is hope for the daily newspaper.  Maybe they can really go through a true paradigm shift and turn the whole industry around.  Just maybe...

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