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Change The Conversation

All businesses, products and services make promises to their consumers. It is based on a single point of differentiation, or a difference that can be authentically claimed and delivered. It is, in effect, the essence of the brand itself. If the experience as a whole does not support your promise, then the brand will either suffer, or at best, fail to build loyalty and advocacy.

What happens when your promise is ordinary?  When you promise the same thing as everyone else?

3 False Promises heard by consumers every day:
We have great customer service.
Our prices can't be beat.
Our people really set us apart.
You have to change the conversation.  You have to dig deep and really figure out what makes you different.  What makes you great.  Why should someone pick you over the competition.  

If you don't know, you better find out quick, before your competition figures out why they are better than you.

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner

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