Content Is King

For years the entertainment industry has been preaching the value of content. Once they realized that they could leverage properties across multiple platforms, the entire business model changed.

Look at feature films, for example.  The money that a movie earns during it's theatrical release is now the smallest part of the overall earnings.  A film can generate earnings through product placement, merchandise, pay-per-view, DVD, foreign distribution, cable, ringtones, soundtrack, sequels and more.  

Great content can provide a return on investment for years to come.

Online, this same business model is manifesting itself in an entirely different way.  When it comes to the internet, content is now also becoming king.  But not because one property can be leveraged through multiple platforms over years to come.  Online the power of content is through engagement.

The new rule of thumb online is as follows:

"Aggregate, Edit, Contextualize"

Think about the show "The Soup".  The entire show is based on gathering clips by editing other shows, pulling out the best ones, adding funny commentary and voila, a tv show.

That is what is happening on the most popular websites every day.  Gathering information from across the web, cutting through the non-applicable clutter, and providing insight (or humor) for the rest.

Is your content worth the aggregation?  Are you providing a voice that people want to listen to? Or will you be an aggregator?  Will you be on the lookout for great points of view?  This is where we are headed, and the future is now.

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner

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