Pause Before Panic

Why do people go straight to panic?

Why not ask questions first then decide if there is a reason to freak out?

Wouldn't the world be a better place if everyone took a deep breath and asked questions before jumping to the conclusion that there is a problem.

Our corporate culture is pretty relaxed.  Don't get me wrong, we take our job very seriously.  We work very hard and give our clients total commitment.  But, when it comes down to it, we are laid back.  

Dress code, unless you are going to a client's office, is jeans.  Some days it might even include baseball caps and tshirts.  We think you have to be comfortable to do your best work.

Humor is an important part of the day.  We laugh with each other.  We laugh at each other.  We laugh at others around us.  We genuinely spend a good part of every day laughing.

We enjoy each other.  It helps that we greatly respect each other's work.  We have all worked for large (Fortune 100/500) companies in big markets (LA, Seattle, Dallas, NY) and made a conscious decision to return to our hometown and work for a smaller agency.  We remember what it was like in those big firms and we want to be the opposite.

We don't have to cover our asses.  There is no blame game - no CYA.  No one is looking to get their teammates in trouble.  No one is going around looking to blame.  Mistakes happen, we are human, but when they happen we look for how to improve the process to prevent that same mistake from happening again. 

Some of our clients aren't so lucky.  Some of them don't work in fun, laid back, team driven companies.  So, at the first hint that there might be something wrong, they push the panic button.  They assume the worst and call us, all worked up, in a full blown panic.

If you ask first, then you will know if there is a problem or not.

If you ask first, then you can lower your blood pressure.

If you ask first, then it is a lot easier to find out what is going on.

If there needs to be a panic, you will have time for that after you find out for sure.

Pause before your panic.  Your heart, and your agency, will thank you.

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner
The Russo Group

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