RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: What About The Weight of The Books?

What About The Weight of The Books?

There is a story about an architect who designed this beautiful library.  It was beautiful and the culmination of a career.  The only problem is that it sank a few inches each year and eventually had to be condemned.  He didn't think about the weight of the books.  

I'm not sure if this story is real or not, heard it from Ted Mosby on "How I Met Your Mother."  But I want to think that it is true.  

It really applies when I think about in-house marketing departments.  By working on the same client day in and day out, there is no one there to remind them about the weight of the books.

The lack of fresh  input shows in the lack of strategy, the lack of consumer insights, and the poor creative concepts.  

Why would a company rather invest in the salaries and benefits of a full time staff rather than hiring an agency that can provide great branding, effective creative and measurable results?

I realize that I am probably offending a large number of in-house groups, but maybe it's time to face the facts.  Most of the work from in-house groups is substandard.  They aren't paying attention to the trends.  They aren't staying ahead of the curve with digital tactics.  They have to spend their time playing political games and worrying about getting a promotion.  They are hiring people that couldn't work at agencies.  With no drive for innovation and no challenge to do it better and no chance for cross industry pollination, in-house groups don't stand a chance.

Hire an agency.  They are always thinking about the weight of the books.

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner
The Russo Group

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