Brand Your Cattle?

Yes, the origin of the word brand dates back to farmers, cattle and claiming ownership.

But, the use today isn't really that different.  The product choices that we make tell the world about us and who we are.  It has become a mutual appreciation society.  When I wear their shoes, I claim Nike and they claim me.  We are declaring our relationship to the world.

Although, the word brand is still often misused.

A brand is not a logo.

A brand is not a business card.

A brand is not a product.

Quite simply, a brand is how a person feels about you.  

It's their emotional reaction to you, because we are emotional people.  That is why advertising that discusses features will never be as powerful at developing a relationship when compared to advertising that highlights the benefits that matter to me.

Speak my language in your marketing.  Develop a relationship with me. Then we can declare that relationship to the world.

Social Media is the most powerful set of tools for branding that has ever existed.  When I follow you are twitter I am an offical part of your tribe, as Seth Godin would say.  When you become a fan of my facebook page we are connected.  That is the development of a relationship that goes so much further than just a 30 second spot.

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