RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: High Life Sees Sales Go Higher

High Life Sees Sales Go Higher

With the celebration of Mardi Gras today in Southwest Louisiana, it seems appropriate to recognize the success that Miller High Life is having post Super Bowl.  

Mardi Gras...beer...seems like a natural fit.

Althought the spots didn't run in every market because NBC has an allegiance to the sponsors that paid for 4 :30 second spots at a much higher rate (a different company, the one with the Clydesdale Horses, is the official malt beverage sponsor) they had an impact across the country.

As the following Ad Age article (reg. might be req.) discusses, sales are up 8.6%.  Pretty impressive for relatively inexpensive 1 second spots that didn't even run in every market.

Miller Credits Hubbub Around Ads, Which Didn't Even Run in Some Markets

CHICAGO (AdAge.com) -- Miller High Life's one-second Super Bowl ads that weren't created a sales bump that definitely was.

Sales of High Life popped 8.6% during the week after the Super Bowl vs. the same period a year earlier, and they were up nearly 5% during the week before the game, according to ACNielsen...

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