RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Super Bowl TV Spots - Part 3

Super Bowl TV Spots - Part 3

It appears that for a number of Super Bowl Advertisers the buzz and sometimes scandal surrounding their spots are the reasons they participate.  Every year there are reports of companies whose spots were censored by the broadcaster.  Every year there are spots whose sole purpose appears to be generating buzz, not for the product but for the outlandishness of the spot.

2009 was no different.  GoDaddy.com sunk to new depths with their spots.  If their only goal was to build buzz and get people talking, then mission accomplished.  But what do these spots really have to do with the company and their service?  How do they further the brand?  Are hormonal teenage boys really their only audience?  

Title: Enhanced
Company:  GoDaddy.com
Why?  Really.  Why oh why?

Title: Shower
Company:  GoDaddy.com
Why?  Ugh.  I just don't know.

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