RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Super Bowl TV Spots - Part 1

Super Bowl TV Spots - Part 1

Every Monday morning quarterback will be reviewing the game, what the Steelers did right and how the Cardinals could have played better (at least a few less penalties).

But when it comes to the Super Bowl, we are looking at only one thing - which tv spots are the best. Here is our pick for #5.

Title: David Abernathy
Company: Cars.com
Why: Spot is classic branding. Creates a story with an emotional connection. Draws you in, makes in impression, makes you want to interact. Clearly states the cars.com promise. All around great spot!


Blake Lagneaux said...

I loved the set-up for this ad, but the punch line felt like a let-down. I cared more about the story and not about the connection with cars.com.

shome said...

This is a pretty neat one--it kind of reminded me of a Wes Anderson movie.

Jaci Russo said...

Blake, that's what i loved so much about it. They drew me in and made me care. I want to know David Abernathy - then they make the transition to cars.com and they hand that borrowed power over. Truly smart.

Casey Ann said...

In my view, it wasn't effective because when it was over, I couldn't remember who it was for.

Jaci Russo said...

Casey Ann, that is a great point. Branding and top of mind awareness can't be made from one spot that you see one time. That comes from frequency and relevancy.

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