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Bowl Spots Don't Brand

by  man man the sox fan

This week concludes the past month of hub bub over the Super Bowl spots.  After all of the pundits are done with their analysis and opinions, there is still a question left to consider.  The biggest question of all, actually, was it worth it?

When you calculate the almost $3M per spot for airtime plus the almost $1M more for the production - where is the return on the investment?

The analysts spend a good bit of time talking about the added value and shelf line beyond the actual run.  With views on line, discussions in blog posts and mentions in main media and news it does appear that most spots do live longer than 30 seconds.

Wrap into that the ongoing discussions, even when it isn't positive, about the spots that caused a scandal.  The ones that had to be edited because they couldn't get approved.  In years past, there have been a number of commercials that were protested by various groups because of scandalous content so their shelf life was for a few weeks longer than the others.

But is it worth it?  Do Super Bowl Spots improve the brand?

Branding is about how they feel about you.

A good brand plan focuses on an emotional connection that changes the conversation.

Do any of the Super Bowl spots accomplish this?  Most consumers didn't even remember who the advertiser was.  Loved the spot with the little talking baby, but who was that company again.

How can there be a return on the investment if you don't remember the advertiser?

The better question is how much better could that almost $4M be invested?

Change is coming...

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