RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Best Ways for Brands to Utilize Social Media

Best Ways for Brands to Utilize Social Media

Whether you think Brands should have a relationship with their consumers (and build Tribes) or you believe that Brands aren't in the business of 'making friends' (according to this New York Times article - the banner ads in social media sites just aren't working) you can't ignore them altogether.

Regardless of where you fall on the issue - the following list will give you a starter kit on where to go to make sure you are a part of the conversation.


Blog Search Engines:


  • Twitter- www.twitter.com (be sure to set up a twitter alert to watch for mentions of you)
  • Jaiku - www.jaiku.com
  • Pownce - www.pownce.com 

Web Analytics

Social Bookmarking / Tagging:

Tools for SEO:

Wikipedia - www.wikipedia.org - with user provided content, it is a good bet to double check entires for your company, products, and senior staff - just to be safe.

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