RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Top 5 Identifiers of the Illustration Type

Top 5 Identifiers of the Illustration Type

Psychology has long identified four different personality types. But to look at them through the eyes of advertising is a lot more fun. The following is the third in a 4-part series discussing these 4 personality types and how you need to craft your message to be understood by each of them.

The Illustration personality is all about the wow. They want to make sure it looks good and is on the cutting edge. 

The profile of an Illustration:
  • Focused on first, newest, most
  • Act first and ask later
  • People oriented
  • Wants to inspire
  • All about Me
The Illustration can be identified by the look of their office:
  • Prefer to meet in the conference room
  • Lots of family photos
  • Loves inspirational slogans and motivational posters
  • Focused on achievements and awards
The Illustration uses clothing to express themselves:
  • Flashy and newest styles
  • Bright colors
  • Big jewelry
Typical jobs for Illustrations are:
  • Entertainment industry
  • Advertising managers
  • Public relations directors
  • Sales
  • Politicians
Descriptions typically associated with Illustrations:
  • Poised and sociable
  • Enthusiastic
  • Concerned about causes
  • Creative
  • Prefers personal contact
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Jaci Russo
Senior Partner
The Russo Group

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