Jump Into Levi's

The campaign for Levi's jeans is fantastic. I mean really great. From a branding stand point it really changes the conversation. Yet, they are staying true to their identity.

But, the intersting thing is how well it is working. I watched two business women with impeccable taste in clothes and an annual wardrobe budget that could put a kid through an ivy league school discuss the virtues of...Levi's. Not 7 for All Mankind. Not Rock & Republic. Not True Religion. Levi's. Good old Levi's.

Yet, here are these two women, discussing the virtues of Levi's. Talking about how the back pockets improve the view from the rear. Showing iphone pictures of the jeans and the tag and using the product info from the pic to then order the jeans online.

Go to YouTube and search for Jump Into Levi's, and not only will you find the campiagn but also another couple of dozen of people making home movies (and fools of themselves) attempting to replicate the manuevers from the tv spot.

Good campaign. Stays on brand. Inspires a viral groundswell. And sells jeans. Seems like a success all the way around.

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