Why a Logo?

Your logo is your visual image expressed to the world when you aren’t there to speak for yourself. A good logo, or “brand identity,” should present a feeling of what to expect from your company and the people who work there. If done correctly, it can raise your profile, increase your top of mind awareness and allow potential clients to gain a feeling about who you are, what you do and how you do it. It speaks to your character and hopefully captures the essence of your philosophies.

But can a logo do all of that? Yes.

The science behind a strong brand may not be easily detected at first glance. It may be a color
combination, or a certain type face, or perhaps an icon that draws the eye. Often there is simply a feeling that people get when a solid brand reaches inside and embeds itself within the consciousness of those who come in contact with it.

In addition, a strong Brand Identity breeds loyalty and ownership within an organization. It allows employees to rally behind a symbol with pride – and speaks volumes to the dedication of an organization that dedicated the time and finances to treat their banner with so much care.

Why a logo?

Because it’s your company. You’ve worked hard to build it, and it deserves the right to be noticed and remembered.

So why would you trust something so important to a website that offers to create your logo for $99?

Why would you trust your secretary's brother's friend who can use some clip art?

Hire a professional.  Let them delve deep into your brand.  Allow them to develop an identity that will actually properly represent your product or service.

Michael Russo
Creative Director
The Russo Group

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