Have It Your Way

That's what the Burger King Brand Promise has been for years.

Have It Your Way.

Lately, they have brought us the King, the Whopper freak out and now Whopper virgins. All interesting campaigns but not really the subject. The question here is about the disconnect.

The crisp clean tv spots, the great graphics on the in-store signage, even the sharp witty commentary on the drive through signs...none of this matches the actual in store experience.

Have It Your Way.

My way, not to be too picky, is to have straws in stock.

My way, if it's not asking too much, is to have ketchup in stock.

My way, if it's not too much trouble, is to ask that the trashcans not be overflowing.

It is reasonable to expect the companies where we spend our money to spend more time on training, inventory, cleaning. For their brand promise to match the actual experience. Stop spending all that money to draw a crowd and then disappoint them at the time of purchase. Quickest way to make sure they never return.

Have it Your Way - my way is for operations to be more important than marketing.

Have it Your Way - my way is for the Brand Promise to be fulfilled in person.

Have it Your Way - my way is for the experience to better than the promise.

That should be everyone's way.

Jaci Russo
Senior Partner
The Russo Group

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Kassi Guidry said...

My way is to actually have hamburgers or chicken sandwiches and not run out or say they have ran out in order not to make any! That would be very nice!!

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