RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Jared...Michael...Michael...Jared


Branding has historically used spokespeople (Mr. Whipple) and mascots (Tony The Tiger) to convey a message. Whether it is to reinforce the jingle (Jolly Green Giant), the tagline (Don't Squeeze the Charmin), or the product benefits (They're Greeeeeaaaat!) the spokesperson/mascot is how the public identifies with product. Develops awareness, encourages trial, recognition while standing on the grocery store aisle.

So what is Subway thinking?? Jared Fogle has served the company well. A great spokesperson. A glowing testimonial to the healthfulness and variety of the menu. But then they put him on the back burner for the $5 dollar foot long campaign. And now Michael Phelps is the new spokesperson. Phelps who mentioned his love for McDonald's in almost every interview from Beijing.

What is the logic there?

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