RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Razor Branding - The 5 R's to a Successful Brand

Razor Branding - The 5 R's to a Successful Brand

The Russo Group's branding process - Razor Branding -  has been refined from years of working in and with multiple industries. From that experience the 5 R’s were developed.

Razor Branding revolves around the customer, your customer. You have to get to know them. Who they are, what motivates them, what their needs are, and most importantly, how to best reach them.

We hope you take a moment to read through the 5 R’s to gain a better understanding of Razor Branding and how it can be best implemented to improve your business and your brand.


Successful brands understand that the consumer owns the brand, and the value of your product, message or service comes only at the time of purchase. 

Only then do they buy into your brand. 

Only then do they become advocates.

But keep in mind, this advocacy - the single most powerful marketing solution known to man will only come after the sale. Did they get what they were promised? Did you remain true to your brand position? Did they become customers for life?

Questions to Ask
. What
"mental real estate" is yours to own?
. What emotions does your company or product evoke?
. What differences may you or your business authentically claim?
. Why should we care?  


Your promise is your brand. It connects you and the customer, developing a relationship that can either flourish or fade. But to even get to that point you must first find a way to get their attention and hold it. In order to do so, you must identify your value proposition – the one thing that sets your company and the product you are offering apart from the competition – always making sure it is a difference that can be delivered.

It is important to also understand that once a company makes a purchase from you or engages in using your service, they become your customer and should be treated as such. The conversation changes at this point, along with the dialogue. Now is the time to nurture the relationship, ensuring that the buyer remains a buyer – eventually turning them into a brand advocate. 


We know change is hard, but if your marketing solutions haven't evolved in a couple of years, or if you're stuck trying to figure out where to begin, we recommend you read further.

Let's face it, the marketplace has changed dramatically in recent years, and so has your customer. They are more in control of the information and communications they receive than ever before. It is your responsibility to now find ways to change with them. If not, you will soon find you're yelling at an audience that can no longer hear the sound of your voice. They will be too busy surfing the net, flipping the channel, or simply ignoring you all together.

Brand building has never been more important than it is today, which requires a clear understanding of who it is you're trying to connect with and how to motivate them towards action. 


Customers are the most important asset of any thriving business. Everyone claims that their service is superior, and that their customers are treated like friends. But are they really?

Far too often we treat our customers like unintelligent fools. We give them worn out messages that are tied to outdated delivery systems. We tend to ignore their needs and force our agendas upon them. That may have worked a few years ago, but not today. Today, customers are seizing control. They can no longer be manipulated with price points, sales, discounts and promotions. They are, dare I say, smarter. Yes, we said it. They are smarter, and have access to an abundance of information.

Through strategic customer profiling, we get to know the target audience using custom methods for obtaining optimal results. Once we can relate to the desired audience, we can craft a message that will not only reach them, but inspire them to action. We will also know how best to deliver this message, an increasingly difficult task.


Understanding the marketplace and the customer is only the first step in establishing or reinventing your marketing efforts. You must also engage potential clients as never before. Remember, you no longer have the option of dictating the information they choose to absorb. You must make it worth their while.

No matter how creative the advertising, a poorly positioned product, service, or brand will fail sooner or later. For this reason, we work with the client in developing what is most worthwhile to communicate to the consumer.

Once the brand has been positioned, Russo works toward developing a specific set of profiles for the type(s) of consumer that will be communicated to. Without properly identifying the type of consumer, your message will fail.

In order to achieve total brand essence, the consumer must have a complete brand experience. Ultimately, the brand must succeed in demonstrating the brand essence with its above and below line creative, product design, product packaging, sales team (proper training), and physical retail environment. 


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