RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: I'm a Body Copy, Can I Get a Little More Information, please?

I'm a Body Copy, Can I Get a Little More Information, please?

Psychology has long identified four different personality types. But to look at them through the eyes of advertising is a lot more fun. The following is the second in a 4-part series discussing these 4 personality types and how you need to craft your message to be understood by each of them.

The Body Copy personality is the one you want when it comes to details. They will make sure to measure twice and then again before anything is cut. They will be sure that every T is crossed and every I is dotted.

The profile of a typical Body Copy:
  • Very focused on the process
  • Will always ask first and then ask a little more
  • Business-like
  • Can be consumed by analysis paralysis
  • Needs to know HOW
The Body Copy can be identified by the look of their office:
  • There will be a number of charts and graphs
  • Their diploma will be hanging on the wall
  • Conference table so everyone can discuss the details
  • To-do list is always nearby
  • Desk is stacked w/ work
  • There is a take home bag near the door
Body Copy will pay attention to the details of the expected attire:
  • Neat & creased
  • shoes shined
  • makeup perfect
  • color coordinated
The typical jobs for Body Copy are:
  • Brand Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Accountants
  • Financial officers
  • Artists & writers
Descriptions typically associated with Body Copy include:
  • Use facts & research
  • Detail oriented
  • Process driven
  • Logical
  • Consistent
  • Cite examples
Next in the series...Illustration

Jaci Russo
Senior Partner
The Russo Group

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