RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Companies Make Products but Consumers Buy Brands.

Companies Make Products but Consumers Buy Brands.

Happy Birthday, Walter Landor, who would have been 96 on July 9.

He was a brand design legend and the founder of Landor Associates.

As Wikipedia explains, Walter Landor was a pioneer in the field of branding and consumer research. Landor Associates, the company he founded with his wife in 1941, has brand consulting and design offices all over the world today. His work included brands like Del Monte, Marlboro. Fujifilm,Tab. and Bank of America. He also designed the corporate identities for many airlines, including Alitalia, British Airways, Japan Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Cathay Pacific Airways, and Singapore Airlines.

Max Factor famously stated "In the factory we make cosmetics, and in the store we sell hope."

When it comes to branding, the quote could be "Companies make products, but consumers buy brands."

Happy Birthday Walter. Thank you for the gift you gave to our industry.

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner/Brand Strategist

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