RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Which Cow Do You Prefer?

Which Cow Do You Prefer?

Branding is about an emotional connection that a consumer has with a product that drives them to prefer it.

The word "brand" is derived from an old English word that meant "burning stick", enabling owners of livestock to use an image to signify their ownership of the herd.

This distinctive mark on the cow differentiated it from other herders and identified them as coming from a certain breeder, the area where they grazed, and therefore a perception about the quality of the meat.

For example, the cows from the lower valley ate the greenest grass which had the most nutrients and produced the most tender meat.

As people tried the cows from a specific herd and found it more tasty, then the word would spread through the countryside that a certain herder's cows were better than others. That reputation would allow for all of the cows with that particular brand on them to fetch a higher price at market.

Compare that to the products of today and think of shirts with an alligator on the left chest or jeans with a red tag on the back pocket. The perception by consumers is these products by Lacoste and Levi are better and therefore they can demand a premium price at the register.

Their brand brings them value.

Do your consumers perceive that your product is better? Do they think that your products graze in the valley and have the most nutrients?

What can you do to differentiate your product and make it better than the competition?

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner/Brand Strategist

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