RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Do You Budget For Outcomes?

Do You Budget For Outcomes?

There appears to be a trend in corporate America, and it started even before the recession knocked on our doors.

In one meeting on the 9th floor of corporate headquarters, someone in accounting decides what the marketing budget will be for FYnow. Then, up on the 14th floor, in the sales department, the goals for the next year are set.

So a memo arrives on the desk of the Marketing Director with a budget determined by one department and a sales goal determined by another, and now a plan has to be created.

I'm sure it sounds crazy, but wouldn't it make more sense to actually budget for your outcome. Set the sales goal and then decide how much it will take to reach that goal.

First determine what you want to accomplish.

Then decide on the who.

Next determine the how.

How much should be last. Obviously it might have to be adjusted. But, wouldn't it be great to adjust it with the outcome in mind?

To start with the budget already decided and then try to figure out how to accomplish the goals is really the same as beating your head against the wall. Except at least with the wall you might actually start to make a dent in it.

Do you budget for outcomes?

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner/Brand Strategist

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