Brand Buzz: Whrrl

Building a brand is all about points of engagement. Finding those places where your consumers can be a part of your tribe. Where they can be a part of the experience.
Whrrl (www.whrrl.com) provides just that opportunity.
As we will talk about during Brand Buzz on KPEL today at 5:20pm (listen online at www.kpel1051.com), Whrrl is an application that provides for people to tell the same story through photos and comments, each from their own perspective.
It's a collaboration tool.
We participated in the first Whrrl use in the state of Louisiana during Festival International in April. It was a great story and you can click here to see how it all began.
To view the Festival story on Whrrl, click here.
For more information on Whrrl, you can find a white paper entitled Whrrl 101 by clicking here.
Let us know if you have used Whrrl before. What did you think? How can it benefit your industry or business?
Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner/Brand Strategist

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