RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Why Do Consumers Pick Your Product? Is It Your People?

Why Do Consumers Pick Your Product? Is It Your People?

Branding, at it's core, is the emotional connection that consumers have with a product.

Often, managers think that a customer's connection with a company or product is due to the people at the company.


Do you really think that an employee, any employee, is so irreplaceable that the only reason that your customers buy from you is because of said employee.

Unless the customer is related to the employee, it is highly unlikely.

Don't get me wrong. I think some employees are fantastic. They truly embrace the corporate culture and support the mission of the company in all that they do.

Some employees do a great job of reinforcing the position of the brand.

But, make no mistake about it, even the most incredible employee on the planet won't create brand advocates with an inferior product.

They pick you because they believe that your product is the best. That doesn't come from their interaction with just one touchpoint, like an employee. That belief in the brand becomes entrenched when it is supported through all touchpoints.

So how do you communicate your brand to your consumers? As great as your employees may be, they are not the end all be all of your brand. What else will you do today to tell the story of your brand? How will you connect on an emotional level with your consumers to change the conversation?

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner/Brand Strategist

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