Push or Pull?

There are two really only two types of marketing:

inbound or outbound

push or pull

Which one do you think your consumer will respond better to?

You will be so much more successful if you can find a way to draw them to you. Attract them to your product. Be so great that they seek you out.

This goes far beyond a smart logo and a pretty print ad. This is about having a product or service that is better than your competitor.

This is about knowing who your consumers are.

This is really about having giving your consumer a better benefit.

This is about being so great that your consumers are seek you.

It is possible. It's about having a brand that serves as an attraction engine. People see themselves (who they want to be) in your product.

The foodie that wants people to know they shop at Williams Sonoma.

The accountant who sits behind a desk all day but gets his identity from the Hog he rides.

The lawyer that believes beyond the shadow of a doubt that BMW is the best car on the road.

The designer that could never consider using anything but a Mac.

Attract your consumers. Be the brand that they want to identify with. Give them a tribe to join.

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner/Brand Strategist

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