RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Why Do Consumers Pick Your Product? Is It Your Product?

Why Do Consumers Pick Your Product? Is It Your Product?

Do you really know what makes your product great?

Before you start listing a series of features that read exactly like the ad of your competitor, let me stop you.

Dig deep.

Think hard.

Please tell me what makes your product better than theirs.

Please tell me what your product can do for your consumer that your competitor can't.

Wait, I know you are going to say "quality". Even though you are probably right and your product is of a better quality than every one else, please realize that you aren't the only one in your space that thinks their product is the best quality around.

Do you have a point of operational excellence?

Are you better than the other products?

Do you have a unique selling point?

This is marketing 101 but it can be a challenge. It requires a long look in the mirror and some pretty deep digging.

But it's worth spending the time to think about it.

If there is something about your product that makes it superior to the competition, then the real fun begins. How do you position it? How do you explain this point of excellence in a way that will cause your target audience to react? How do you change the conversation?

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner/Brand Strategist

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