RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Brand New Day - 7 Things to Look For In Your Brand

Brand New Day - 7 Things to Look For In Your Brand

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This first official business day of 2009 is truly turning out to be a brand new day.

Although most of the country is still dealing with an economic hangover, there is a lot of energy being dedicated towards a fresh start in this fresh new year.

People seem energized and enthusiastic. Clients are motivated and ready to get the year off to a great start.

I am going to be in Natchez, MS next week speaking to a group of business people about branding through social media. They are open to brand new ideas and their enthusiasm is contagious.

How does your brand feel right now?

The following are 7 Things to look for to make sure your brand is fresh this year.

1 - Have you isolated that one great factor that separates you from the pack?

2 - Has your logo been refreshed within the past five years?

3 - Is your typeface from this century?

4 - Does the name of your company still accurately represent what you do?

5 - Have you looked at the competition and checked out the rest of the industry?

6 - Do your employees serve as your biggest brand advocates?

7 - Are you branding through social media and really gathering a community of brand loyalists?

This is a brand new year for your brand. Are you ready to go to new places together?

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