RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Major News Breaks on Twitter

Major News Breaks on Twitter

Although this doesn't have specific branding implications, I think it continues to illustrate a trend that affects all aspects of business in one way or another.

A rallying cry to get connected went around the world last week when social media was given credit for being ahead of mainstream media when it comes to breaking news stories.  Think about, millions of people travel everywhere they go with cellphones - the equivalent of cameras and microphones that provide a larger broadcast area than any other single medium.

And that is why the US Airways crash into the Hudson was first reported on Twitter. 

As this article in Silicon Alley Insider reports, the days of the everyman reporter are here.  The power of the people to capture events as they happen has always been there but there wasn't a mechanism for them to broadcast the message.  Now, with Twitter and other social media, the everyman has a power that is even bigger than broadcast television.  A bigger audience.  A global reach.

That is an amazing amount of power.  Have you harnessed it yet for your business?  Are you using it to develop a relationship with the people that need you?

What are you waiting for?

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