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Focus on Your Brand

Focus by D50@manchesteruk

Focus is the first, and probably most important, step to establishing your brand. You really have to cut through the clutter of features and benefits to find the one best unique property. The "IT" factor.

Just to clear up any Marketing 101 misconceptions in this conversation, your focus can't be just about price (unless you are sure that you can always be the low price leader). Because then you are just a commodity. Because then you will rise and fall based on price and the conversation will never be about value - just price.

Also your focus can't be your people. EVERYONE promises that they have great people. Even if you are a service business and not selling a product, it really still can't be about people. What if they quit - then what?

Your focus has to be about the "mental real estate" that you and you alone can own. Often it is an operational advantage, especially if you are in a service industry.

What can you focus on? How are you better than your competition?

If you think you know the answer to the question, then proceed with asking your co-workers. See if you are all on the same page.

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