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Brand Your Employees

Before you jump to conclusions, I am not referring to a cattle/fraternity kind of brand.  Although having them get a tattoo of your company logo isn't out of the question.

In service oriented companies, employees are the product.  They interact with your customers.  They represent your company.  They HAVE to understand your brand.  

Do all of the employees have the same understanding of who you are and what you do?

Do all of the employees answer the questions the same way?

The goal is to make sure everyone is on message.  Not Stepford employees, but quite simply brand advocates.  

Take a moment and think about Apple, so often the best example of how to practice best brand standards.  I have been to Apple stores in New York, California, Texas, Illinois and Louisiana and the experience was exactly the same every time.  If you have been into an Apple store then I bet you can describe the 'Apple Employee'.  

They are probably in their 20's or 30's.  Dressed in a variation of nice t-shirt and jeans.  Hair may be a little longer than the typical mall employee and there might be a piercing or two, but it is attractive and understated.  

They are helpful, but not pushy.  Every interaction while you are in the store is designed to let you experience the product.  If you have questions, they have answers.  But otherwise they let you just 'play'.

Are you sure that your customers are having that kind of experience?  Is it consistent?

Your employees are an extension of your brand.  Shop yourself.  Get someone else to shop you.  Find out for sure if they are treating everyone the way you want them to be treated.

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