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Have Fun With Your Brand

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Are your employees having fun?  

This picture was taken during a skit that we performed as part of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Homecoming week (Geaux Cajuns!) Paint the Town Red competition - we won 2nd place for the 2nd year in a row, thanks for asking.

We turned our offices into a television studio circa 1968 and performed a highly modified version of The Dating Game.  It was a blast.  Even Gary, Sr. Art Director, who just dreads these things was caught with a smile on his face. He is in the bathrobe playing a 'Lebowski-ish' collegiate on the 7 year plan.

The question is, Are your employees having fun?

Not ignoring-their-responsibilities-and-goofing-off-at-work fun. More like are they having fun with their work.   Are you creating opportunities for your employees to have fun together as a team?

No matter what your industry, and no matter what their role is in the big picture, there has to be a way to find the fun in their work day.

As the Life is Good company exclaims, "Love What You Do. Do What You Love."  They manage to incorporate "doing good" as part of their work-fun and give back to the community at the same time.  I want to work there.  I love the merchandise.  I love the mind-set.  I love the brand. 

Enjoying your job and therefore enjoying your life is a critical part of job retention. Employees will stay longer if you can keep them interested.

Find the fun in your company.  It will show through in your brand and help your employees find their fun. It will go a long way toward your success.

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