RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Developing Your Brand Plan

Developing Your Brand Plan

3 Things You Should Never Do For Yourself:
  1. Cut Your Own Hair
  2. Remove Your Own Appendix
  3. Develop Your Own Brand Assessment and Plan
Even the greatest marketers can't look into their own companies, services and products and create their own brand assessments and plans.  It takes a specialist, a branding agency, to talk to employees, customers, vendors and get to the heart of the matter.

A branding agency will dig deep to uncover what you think about yourself as well as what others think of you.  

A branding agency will work with a bank and move them past their desire to stake next year's profits on advertising a CD with a rate that is 1/8% better than the bank on the next block.

A branding agency will be able to isolate the one best message that will best connect you with your customer.

It's hard to look into the mirror to cut your own hair and it's even harder to look into the mirror to learn about yourself.

Don't remove your own appendix.  Hire a specialist.  Hire a branding agency. 

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