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Branding Through iPhone

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With the proliferation of iPhones, it is imperative that companies get on the bandwagon and develop iPhone apps. This is a fantastic way to establish brand loyalty, advocacy and bring your customers further into their relationship with your brand.

As ReadWhiteWeb reports, there are come easy opportunities for companies to synergistically utilize the market domination of the iPhone.

Airlines - let me check upcoming flight information

Restaurants - be a part of Open Table so I can check for available reservations without even having to call you. Get listed with UrbanSpoon so I can learn more about your menu.

Radio stations - live streaming with direct links to your advertisers' websites

Or get it together and do it right like Kraft. They are SELLING their app which provides recipes and promotes Kraft products. Let me write that again, people are paying them to get content and ads. Paying them.

What are you waiting for - how can you integrate your brand through an iPhone app?

By the way, you can even let people download the app from your website. While we are on the subject, do you have a mobile version of your website. Don't exclude the iPhone, Blackberry and Mobile Windows users (a total of 75% of the mobile phone market) from being able to interact with your site. Translate it so they can see it also.

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