RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: United States of Logos

United States of Logos

Joe Ribaudo has compiled this collection of state logos from all around the country.  

It's an interesting mix.  The diversity, the use of marks on some and straight typeface on others.

Which ones best represent their states?

Branding is about changing the conversation.

Your brand is how someone feels about you.

Looking at this collection of logos, I am instantly drawn to New York.  Even after almost forty years it is still powerful.  Even though it is positioned in one of the worst places on the page, it is the first one I saw.

On the other hand, Oklahoma, what happened?  Seriously.  I am wondering if the state is actually named Native, that is what jumps out first.

There are a few great state logos out there.  There are also a few states in need of a branding agency.

Which ones do you like best - and why? 


shome said...

I think Georgia's logo stands out the most to me--it's both colorful and logical, a nice balance of creativity and what the state is known for. It's friendly too.

Hawaii's logo as well, as it represents that colorful and relaxed feeling. Alaska's also makes sense. And for some reason, I like Texas too--it kind of gives off that silent but powerful look to it, along with a rural/Western feeling.

As for ones that don't stand out as much--South Dakota's logo looks like it should be a blinking neon sign outside a 24 hour diner or gas station. I guess the same could be said for North Dakota, but not as much just because of the color maybe? And Louisiana--Louisiana looks like it needs a bit more cayenne to its logo!

Casey Ann said...

I'm partial to Mississippi - wonder why! But it's not usually black, which doesn't do it justice. My favorite place logo is the one for Natchez. I'm not sure why, but I've always liked it.

Jaci Russo said...

What do you think of Connecticut? I thought it was a little deep but spoke to some natives who absolutely hate it. Logos are in the eye of the beholder.

Joseph Bullen said...

Texas. It just screams Levi's and cowboys.

Georgia- colorful, simple

dont like Oklahoma or Alabama - too much going on in the logo...

Thats just me...

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