Are You Monet?

Claude Monet was part of the Impressionist movement in France.  

Thanks in large part to the movie Clueless, Monet's name became synonymous with something that looks great from a distance but upon investigation is found to be not as pretty up close.

So, Mr. Client, is there an aspect of your business that might be a little Monet?  Perhaps in operations?  Or maybe customer service processes?

If your company looks great from a distance but up close there are some chinks in the armor, then no amount of advertising is going to fix your brand.  Marketing isn't going to solve the actual problem.  Get your house in order before you invite people over to visit.  

Or maybe your Monet is that you don't have an actual point of differentiation?  You claim the same features and benefits as everyone else in your category.  Seriously?  Don't you do anything that is better or different than the others?  If not, then you have to change.  Talk to your consumers and find out what they need that no else is providing.  

Be great inside and out.  Look good from a distance and up close.  Don't be Monet.  

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner


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