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Brand The Conversation On Radio

I am very pleased to announce that I will be presenting Brand the Conversation Through Social Media on KPEL 105.1 NewsRadio every Monday at 5:20 pm. The show will debut on Monday May 18th with the first one focused on an intro to social media.  

The audience will be business people who are unsure how to use social media and need strong branding now more than ever.  The format each week will include discussion on a different social media application, story in the media and then we will open the phone/text/email/twitter/facebook lines for questions.

We will post each broadcast online as a series of podcasts that can be downloaded.

I am excited and nervous.  I hope people find the information helpful.  Mostly, I hope that I don't suck.

If you have suggestions for topics, please let me know.  Need all the help and direction I can get.

Thank you.

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner

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