RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Let's Hang Out in Atlanta

Let's Hang Out in Atlanta

I am so honored and excited to be a speaker at this great 2 day event in Atlanta. We will work with companies to leverage social media to make their businesses more profitable.  

A two day event for generating new business

Agencies need to know how to leverage social media for new business. There are numerous resources and people talking about how social media can work...

We’re training you on how to do it to drive inbound new business leads.

Join us for an intensive two-day, interactive education and practical workshop on leveraging social media for new business. Topics include blogging, social networks, social media marketing, and how you can bring it all together as a proactive component of your new business strategy. This conference is designed to give you the knowledge and get you set-up and started.

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Jaci Russo

Sr. Partner

The Russo Group

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Joe Paris said...

Congratulations, Jaci ! Post some photos from your trip ! Whrrl us a story while you are there !

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