We are becoming a DIY Society.  

The Do It Yourself culture was kind of cute in the beginning.  

Frustrated ex-home-ec-ers and the "make it look so easy" guidance of Martha Stewart became the perfect storm luring moms, dads and homeowners into a world of weekend projects and making clothes out of pine cones.

It was all well and good, cute even, until this after hours home project mindset crossed over into business.  

Mortgage brokers think they can design logos.

Doctors think they can plan public relations strategies.

Lawyers think they can create television spots.

Entire hospital committees think they can develop advertising campaigns.

That makes as much sense as a Do It Yourself Vasectomy Kit.

Seriously.  Hire a professional.

I promise to never practice medicine, write a mortgage or defend someone in a court of law. Why?  Because I am not trained to practice those trades.  Believe it or not, those professionals are not trained to practice my craft either.  

Oh, I know.  You have a Mac.  You figured out how to copy and paste clip art.  You took a marketing class in college.  You even read blogs on branding.

None of those things makes you a professional.  Just because I know how to go to the WebMD website does not mean I should buy scrubs and wear a stethoscope around my neck.  

Please stick to your profession and I will stick to mine.  It might look easy.  The advertising professionals on TV might look they are just hanging around, drinking coffee and tossing ball back and forth in meetings.  

But real advertising takes real talent and real work.  We are trained professionals that take the investment of your budget very seriously.  The return of that investment is of paramount importance to us.  Determining the most strategic way to brand your company, the best way to change the conversation, these are not things we take lightly.

Yes, you can buy a logo online for $99, but should you?

Yes, you can do it yourself, but should you?

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner

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