RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: What's The Message?

What's The Message?

"The medium is the message."  
  Marshall McLuhan, 1964

In 1964 Marshall McLuhan published the book "Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man". In it, he proposed that media itself, not the content, should be the focus of study.  

Easy for him to say, there were only about a half a dozen different media in the whole country.  A few television networks, a couple of radio stations, a monthly magazine and a daily newspaper or two.

If I had been a media buyer in 1964, it probably would have only taken about an hour a day to do my job.  No wonder they had all that free time for three martini lunches.

Times have changed.  The medium is most definitely not the message anymore.  Now the message is the message.  

It's about content.  

It's about connection.  

It's about relevance.  

It's about differentiation.

What are you about?  Are you still hoping that reaching a lot of people is how you will sell your product.  Think again.  It's not about reaching the most people.  The mission now is to have the deepest connection.

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner

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