RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Make a Glocal Connection

Make a Glocal Connection

As your business grows to become more global, it is crucial that you keep a local connection in each community you serve.  

Most communities pride themselves on supporting "Local First".  

Green conscious consumers would rather buy a local product that hasn't left a ginormous carbon footprint to get to the store shelf.

As citizens become more aware of the impact of economic development on the community, the desire is to "keep the dollars circulating locally" rather than sending profits out of market.

The way you reach consumers has to be local as well.  

Get into the market.  Learn the community.  Know the people.

For media buyers, if you are just pulling out the demo and media guides then you are failing your clients.

Approach each market as if you are going to live there.  Who are they?  What are they like? Where do they eat?  Where do they shop?  Which schools are best?  Which neighborhoods?  Who goes to what church?  Where do they work out?  

How can you motivate an entire community to embrace your product and spend their hard earned money on your company if you haven't even bothered to get to know them.

If you met one of these townspeople at a party, would you introduce yourself by saying, "Hi, please buy me, I'm the best."

Of course not.  You would learn their name.  How many kids do they have?  What are their hobbies?  Make their acquaintance before you start selling them something.

Think global but act local.  Be Glocal.

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner


Todd said...

Glocal. First time I heard the term. I like it.
Kinda goes to the famous Tip O'Neil quote: All politics is local.

Jaci Russo said...

Thanks. You are absolutely right - just as "all politics is local", so should all marketing and communitiy involvement.

BTW, I am pretty sure that I did not make it up. Definitely heard "glocal" somewhere else so I don't get any credit for creating the term. I just plan to use it so much that people will think i invented it.

TriCityPlumbing said...

"I just plan to use it so much that people will think i invented it."
Ha, ha. Good Plan.

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