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Fish Where The Fish Are

Growing up in Southwest Louisiana, fishing is a way of life.  

For centuries, fishing is how families fed themselves.  

For thousands of people, fishing is still a weekly occurrence.  

We fish in rivers, ponds, streams, lakes, swamps...even the Gulf of Mexico.

The one thing we are taught as we bait our first hook is to always fish where the fish are.  There are entire industries based on knowing where the fish are and guiding people to the best spot.  

I have had the pleasure of catching my limit on a number of occasions...more than my fair share of times. 

On one glorious day, a few miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, I even had the privilege of hooking a Blue Marlin.  A very big, very strong, very beautiful Blue Marlin.  After a five hour fight that almost undid all four of us (and the crew), we finally wrestled that beast to the boat and just as we were going to pull her aboard, the line caught on the propeller, snapped and she wasted no time heading right back to where she came from, with one beautiful leap in the waves as a good bye.

We went on to catch our limit that day.  Our guide kept putting us in exactly the right spot.  We weren't fishing so much as just catching.  I would put my line out and the fish would fight each other to get caught.  I actually got tired from catching so many.

When I am asked by clients why they should be involved in social media, it reminds me of that fishing trip.  

It was probably really easy to be a media buyer in the 50's and 60's.  With only 4 or 5 media choices it only took them about an hour to plan and place the buy.  That's why they had three martini lunches - nothing else to work on at the office.

But these days it's a whole different story.  There are so many choices. 

So if clients want to fish where the fish are, social media is the best place to catch your line.

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner

photo by Fort MacMurray

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